The Pyramids of Bosnia: A Discovery That Could Change Ancient History

The Pyramids of Bosnia: A Discovery That Could Change Ancient History

Sara Livio

A team of anthropologists led by Dr. Semir Osmanagic have been investigating sites around the Bosnian city of Visoko for nine years to prove the existence of the biggest and oldest pyramids in the world.

Landscape of the city of Visoko in Bosnia. Photo credit:

Landscape of the city of Visoko in Bosnia. Photo credit:

In October 2005, Osmanagic announced that he had found the ancient structures buried in the most unlikely of places, the hillsides surrounding Visoko, a small town located 25 km away from Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital.

Then in 2006, Osmanagic created the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and in the summer of that year, large-scale excavations began. But the authenticity of his find was to be called into question.

Archaeological experts, like Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, director of the Council for British Archaeology Dr. Mike Heyworth and the president of the German Archaeological Institute Professor Hermann Parzinger accused Osmanagic of duping the world with his claims.

But according to Osmanagic, there are five pyramids buried within the town of Visoko, with a possibility of nine in total. The Pyramid of the Sun, the largest of the group, is over 270 meters tall and has an estimated mass 39 times greater than that of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

At 190 meters in height, the second largest of the Bosnian Pyramids is the Pyramid of the Moon, 50 meters taller than the Egyptian Great Pyramid. Close by, to the south west, there is an unusually shaped structure named Temple of Mother Earth, with the form of a crescent moon (or amphitheatre) and the impressive size of its neighbouring pyramids.

Osmanagic claims that the presence of numerous subterranean passages found under Visoko belong to the pyramid complex, interconnecting each of the structures and running for hundreds of kilometres beneath the ground.

With limited financial backing from the Bosnian government, Osmanagic relies on an international team of volunteers who make their way to Visoko every summer to assist with the excavations and donate their effort.

Nine cases of evidence support Osmanagic’s pyramid theory and remain unaddressed by those who stand against the existence of pyramids in Bosnia.

1. Cardinal Alignments: The Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, Moon and Dragon each have their four facets perfectly aligned towards the cardinal points. This orientation is a common property shared by many of the globe’s ancient pyramids (including the pyramids of Egypt and China).

2. Topographical Alignments: Pyramidal structures of Visoko also share alignments that are relative to each other.

3. Sixteen-Wind Cartography: The use of 16-wind system in the ancient past shows within the underlying design principles of huge architectural projects, as seen within the Bosnian Valley.

4. Hollow Spaces: Using a multispectral satellite system, two separate scans of the area detected several confined areas of low thermal inertia, indicating that the materials below the surface cool faster than those of the immediate surroundings. Lower densities, increased porosity and internal cavities come from buried artificial structures and affect the rate at which heat is irradiated from the surface.

5. Geopolymer Composition: After accurate examinations and electron microscope scanning, experts in materials science and geopolymer chemistry noticed that the artificial nature of material sampled from the outer casing of the Pyramid of the Sun was composed of pebbles, quartzite, quicklime and metakaolin, forming an incredibly resistant conglomerate-like geopolymer concrete.

6. Composite Blocks: A section of the outer casing on the lower levels of the northern face of the Pyramid of the Sun shows that the material is formed into blocks displaying numerous right angles and flat facets. Natural conglomerates containing mixed clast sizes and compositions do not weather so evenly, therefore such perfectly flat sides would never be observed if this was indeed a natural geological formation that’s millions of years old.

7. Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Emissions: By measuring the electromagnetic emissions on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with a coiled antenna, the energy field properties are found to be distinctly different from that of a natural hill.

8. Tunnel System: About 2.5 km north west from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is an entranceway to an underground tunnel system that spans for many hundreds of meters, and perhaps much further. The tunnels vary in shape and size while many turnings and junction points lead to other passageways, all heading in a variety of different directions underground.

For more detailed information, please refer to this article on the Waking Times website.

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