Have a story to tell? Share it with youth around the world!

Global Young Voices is an open platform that brings together stories of millennials worldwide interested in sharing with peers their high impact undertakings and opinions on what is happening in their countries and beyond. With their stories, youth can inspire others around the world to undertake similar activities in their own countries or connect with peers that are pursuing similar undertakings in order to work together. 

We invite all youth who have a powerful and inspiring story to tell or who have compelling thoughts on a specific topic to enter their submission below. Our editors will then review the article and decide whether to publish it.

  • Requirement: Only submissions from millennials or post-millennials will be accepted;

  • Words: 800 to 1,200;

  • Content: The story told must relate to a personal story or initiative of high social, environmental, political or economic impact. It must be focused on youth as engine of change. We also publish opinion articles or reportages on current affairs as long as they reflect the youth perspective;

  • Supporting content: In the submission form, please include Google Drive links to any images and videos related to the initiative/story (a minimum  of two photos is required);

  • Criteria for selection: Relevance to issues tackled by today's youth and impact on society will be considered. 


Some examples...