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Who we are

The Global Young Voices team is an international group of globally aware and experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, contributing with factual and ethical stories from their respective countries about a wide array of topics to serve their common interest in raising awareness about their people’s lives and being a trustworthy source of resources to help youth maximize their impact.

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Our mission is to empower and support youth, and amplify their voices. We also aim to report upon peculiarities and commonalities of our countries through news stories and reportages that refine their understanding of the world, from our unique and cultured perspective as young natives. We also aim to provide resources for youth to develop and pursue solutions to issues they see in their communities.


Our vision is to grow to be a trusted and internationally renowned source of world news, all while dispensing significant content that inspires, drives and leads to actual change. We also hope to become a catalyst for social entrepreneurs and activists.

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