How to kickstart your freelance career

Being your own boss is no easy task, but we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you set the pace for your freelance career.

1. Get organized.

First and foremost, you need to know your craft and define your specialties. Do not go overboard with expectations. Set realistic, achievable and time-conscious goals for yourself and find an efficient daily routine that you’re comfortable with and ultimately able to stick to. Getting organized at an early stage will spare you an awful lot of confusion by the time you start getting a huge bulk of assignments at once.

2. Showcase your work online.

Make sure to share samples of your work online as part of personal blog or portfolio. This does not only increase your visibility but also allows potential clients to get a sense of your skills and expertise.

3. Build a strong network of connections.



You need strong networking skills to get your name out there and succeed as a freelancer. Networking does not necessarily require brilliant social skills but is rather all about reaching out to the right people at the right places. Grow your professional network by attending events, conferences and workshops and never waste a chance to hand people your business card.

4. Perfect your personal brand.



For people to trust you, you need to make your online personal brand as perfect as can be. Take special care of your social media profiles and make sure to update them regularly. Being active and influential across multiple social media platforms can only do you good.

5. Learn how to write killer proposals/pitches.

Good writing skills are a prerequisite here. You should be able to compose well-structured, typo-free pitches, proposals and emails in order to increase your chances of landing a freelance assignment. Start by looking at online samples and proceed to making your own template to be used in and easily adapted to all types of future proposals.

6. Do your research and set your rates.



You need to reach a certain level of understanding of your target market and competitors before you kick off your freelance career for good. This can be done through both online research and word of mouth. And once you’ve done your research, you must be able to set your parameters and decide on convenient rates.

7. Be peaceful and persistent.



Make peace with yourself and everyone you work with. Patience is a freelancer’s optimal virtue. And do not let slow progress bring you down. Hard work and persistence do pay off at the end of the day as long as you learn to embrace new challenges and not surrender to hopelessness.

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Christina Fakhry