5 steps to become independent as a young adult

Cover credit: Pixabay

Cover credit: Pixabay

Leaving the parents’ place is one of the first steps young adults take in their journey to gain full autonomy.

But a research study, produced for the European Commission by Terry Ward and Hélène Calers of Applica and Manos Matsaganis of Athens University of Economics and Business, showed that most often young people take this big step without actually possessing all of the life skills they need to succeed in the world at large. This makes the transition so difficult that most millennials often delay leaving home.

Innovative Financial Concepts, LLC, a U.S. organization that offers financial services, provided a set of skills that youth need to acquire in order to succeed at living independently.

Here is a selection of skills you need to have if you’re seeking independence.

1. Coping with loneliness is a very important step in this regard. People who know how to recognize loneliness as the temporary feeling it is, use their support system and work through their loneliness do just fine.

2. Taking up chores as a teenager, like cleaning and taking out the trash, is at the basis of leading a good autonomous life. This teaches young people how to be responsible.

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3. Learning how to handle money should start at an early age. Most teens have no clue what it means to have their own apartment and what it takes to manage it, especially with the fees that come with it.

4. Managing time properly is as important as money management. This competence is indeed crucial when you have to rely on your own strength.

5. Defining what it is you really want and figuring the necessary steps you need to reach your goals are crucial in your life’s journey. Learning how to set and achieve a goal is necessary to lead a happy and successful life as an adult.

Having a job is not enough to become independent, experts have shown. Make sure you earn these skills and the problems you face living on your own will be much easier to handle.