Millennials are having less sex than previous generation, study finds

Cover credit: Pixabay

Cover credit: Pixabay

Millennials aren’t having a lot of sex, according to a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal, Agence France-Presse reported Aug. 2.

In fact, they are having less sex than previous generations. Around 15 percent of millennials aged 20-24 have reported having no sexual partners since the age of 18.

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and chief scientific advisor at, there might be two underlying reasons. The first is millennials being cautious about building relationships, and the second is related to being over-ambitious when it comes to careers.

Millennials think twice before jumping into bed with someone, the study found. They fear they might catch feelings, so they prefer not to do it until they are sure they’re ready for that step.

And then there’s the careers and the millennial obsession with finding the right job, which, if attained, leaves them well-off and satisfied with the type of work they are doing.

Millennials care about increasing their own value as partners before getting into relationships. The way they see it, if they work on getting a proper education and land a solid meaningful job, they will most likely attract people with higher value.

Even though millennials have been labeled pampered and irresponsible, a lot of the studies and findings surfacing are proving otherwise. They might have life a bit easier for them, but they do think twice before jumping into what might seem as casual sex because they see what lies ahead.