What's the difference between alone and lonely?

We often hear people using either of the words alone and lonely without realizing that the difference between them is remarkable. A person who is alone is regarded as lonely, which, in reality, is often not the case.

Loneliness is a constant feeling of being sad, tired and restless. It is the inability to find happiness, no matter where we go or whom we’re with. It is an isolation with no expectations of self-satisfaction or joy.

Being lonely hurts. It is heartbreaking and destructive. When there is no source of pleasure nor a sign of being content, this is when someone is lonely. They often feel like there is a gap that can not be filled, no matter how hard they try, and finding distractions to keep busy seems to be the only solution to avoid their loneliness and fill the hole.

Loneliness is being deeply affected by the absence of what could have been the best things in someone’s life. The emotional abandon appears in the foreground, as well as, fear. One can be in a room full of hundreds of people, and still feel lonely. This feeling does not go away, it is terrifying and inevitable. Loneliness is crying out for help but never finding it.

Being alone is different. It’s about having the courage to do an introspection, a self-examination, in order to realize what life is about. When someone is alone, they have the opportunity to figure out themselves, it is a self-discovery process, with the intention of being independent.

Being alone does not hurt. It is fulfilling and satisfying. It allows someone to take the time to discover one’s self and to observe life from a different point of view, giving them a sense of freedom. Being alone is freeing, it is about finding your own happiness within yourself. This is when the presence or the absence of others in the room does not count, because one’s happiness is not relative anymore, it is now self-assured.

Being alone can be enjoying solitude, in its every detail, doing things without anyone around and enjoying them. It is being able to read a book, on a Sunday afternoon, while solitarily laying down on the beach, without feeling forsaken or abandoned. Being alone is finding out what it takes to stand up for one’s self, and avoid falling in the abyss of loneliness, no matter how hard life forces you to go there.

Being alone is a state of being, while loneliness is state of mind.

There is a fine line between being alone and being lonely, but one thing is for sure, when someone starts enjoying their own company and once they realize that their existence is complete on its own, they do not need to search for happiness in someone else anymore because the hole is now whole.

Cover credit: Ourgom.com