5 countries that don't have an army

Many countries have large military forces that are able to make effective action at any given time. China, for instance, has a notably large military, about 1,600,000 army personnel.

But this is not always the case, as several countries in the world have no armed forces at all.

1. Vatican City

The smallest country in the world, Vatican City used to have many armed forces to protect the pope and the country but Pope Paul VI abolished all the forces in 1970. However, since the little country is located in Rome, Italy protects the Vatican City.

2. Costa Rica

In 1948, after its victory in the civil war, the country put an end to having any armed force. Every year, Costa Rica celebrates Army Abolition Day on Dec. 1. The police force currently handles the internal security of the country.

3. Palau

Since the country’s foundation the only forces permitted are the police, which include a 30-man Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security. Defense assistance is provided by the United States under the Compact of Free Association.

4. Grenada

The country was invaded by the United States in the year 1983, and since then Grenada has not had a standing army in its service. A paramilitary force as part of the Royal Grenada Police Force works on internal security.

5. Andorra

Under a separate military treaty, Andorra receives protection from Spain and France but has no standing military force. Andorra does have a small army for special ceremonies. Laws in the nation are handled by the National Police Corps.

Can you imagine a world with no army?

Cover credit: Freedomoutpost.com


Christina Boutros