8 tips for a better freelance career

A recent online survey by Leadership IQ revealed that people are 87 percent more likely to love their job if they work from home. So if you happen to have chosen a freelance path over a 9-to-5 office job, you’re winning already. And we’re here to make it even better by offering you a small constellation of tips to make the most out of your freelance career.

1. Be your own boss. Being your own boss has its assets and liabilities. On the one hand, you've got all the time to yourself but on the other hand, you need to establish an effective and sustainable work routine in order to prevent slackness and maximize productivity.

2. Use social media to enhance your personal brand. As a freelancer, you are selling yourself as opposed to a product. Social media is the most effective tool to enhance your personal brand in today's ever-evolving digital landscape. Start by giving your LinkedIn profile a winning makeover and move on to your other social media accounts, filtering out useless content and constantly updating your info.

3. Manage your time wisely. If you do not plan your day wisely, time can become your worst enemy. Always set up your work schedule ahead of time and learn to avert procrastination.

4. Build a strong and diverse network of connections. Having a broad network of professional connections is key to the growth and expansion of your career as a freelancer. Attend networking events regularly and make sure to follow up with the people you meet.

5. Learn how to write killer proposals. A good proposal helps you impress potential employers and eventually land the job faster. Create a simple, well-structured template that can be easily adapted to all your proposals. Always include your contact details and make sure to proofread the different sections of your proposal before sending it out.

6. Minimize distractions. Try to minimize the distractions in your work environment and train yourself not to surrender to the various temptations of the digital age. You really don't have to respond to every single sound your phone makes. Everything can wait.

7. Rise ahead of the competition. Remember that you're not the only freelancer in town. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to build a solid portfolio, keep your communication channels organized and always deliver on time. Do NOT send an assignment that you're not satisfied with to a reasonable extent.

8. Remember to stay healthy. You need to watch over yourself after all. Do not become consumed by your career to a point where you start neglecting your fitness and diet. Also, make sure to get enough sleep at night. Caffeine is not the answer to everything!

Credit: 49.media.tumblr.com

Credit: 49.media.tumblr.com

Cover credit: Bloggingpro.com