Infographic: What's important about diversity?

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Diversity has a positive impact not only on our culture and society but also on our bodies and genes. A recent extensive study, based on a survey of 350,000 people across four continents, proved that diverse parents have smarter and healthier children.

As a result of living in a more open world with easier access to information and individuals across the globe, the number of people marrying other people from different and more distant parts of the world is increasing. The study found that this fact may eventually lead to an increase in the height and intelligence of the world's population.

In the business world as well, many dimensions of diversity were found to be beneficial. A 2013 study found that "a racially diverse workforce was positively associated with more customers, increased sales revenue, greater relative profits, and greater market share."

The attached infographic shows how diversity in the workplace can lead to success.

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