Infographic: The time to start networking in college is now

Editor's note: The following piece and infographic were submitted to Global Young Voices, by Diane Fenning, a student at the College of Health and Social Sciences at San Francisco State University.

Cover credit: Wikimedia

Cover credit: Wikimedia

College is the perfect time to start networking. This does not mean you need to be phony or misleading in your friendships with others, but realize the potential connections you can make that can help make your future and find that dream career just a bit easier.

At present, only about 40 percent of college students have active profiles on LinkedIn.

However, more than 70 percent of young adults, from late teens up to mid-thirties, have found a job through social networking. It's estimated that 70 percent of jobs aren't posted online, but the positions are still filled through networking.

The more connected you are the better your chances at finding the perfect job at the perfect time.

Start small and grow your network 100 people at a time. This sounds like a ridiculously large number of people, but it's easier than one might think once you begin.

Start with family, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, professors, former coworkers and even former employers. Any people you know from sports or other extracurricular activities can be added into your network.

Remember, having an online presence for networking is terrific, but there is no excuse to miss out on any real time networking opportunities. Connect for success.