6 words you need to scratch off your résumé

Cover credit: Flickr

Cover credit: Flickr

After walking you through the five résumé mistakes no one should be making in 2016, we've compiled a list of excessively overused words and expressions that you better do without for a better chance to impress potential employers.

1. Goal digger

Unless you consciously intend to sound like an inspirational 2012 Tumblr quote, you should think twice (more like a hundred thousand times) before adding this once-clever-pun-turned-futile-internet-buzzword to your CV. It's like the unnecessarily sophisticated successor of ‘result-oriented’, which in turn serves as an outdated corporate cliché.

2. Various

Specificity is the number one rule when it comes to modern-day resumes. And ‘various’ is the number one enemy of this rule. So instead of spamming your job descriptions with vague expressions of the ‘worked on various projects’ type, why not clearly identify the number or nature of these projects/tasks for added credibility.

3. Creative

For one thing, creativity is better proven than stated. Whoever is reviewing your résumé can eventually get a sense of your creativity through job descriptions and other small details. Redirect your efforts toward these instead.

4. Out of the box

I not only do not understand why job seekers still include this nauseatingly tedious cliché in their résumé but have also come to develop a similar allergy to its use in the course of everyday conversation because of how diluted/meaningless it has become. Definite red flag here. You are highly advised to move away as far as possible.

5. Multitasker

The word is a regular occurrence in both résumés and job postings. And it has just been overtly used to the point where it no longer bears any significance whatsoever. Let's just say it has been ridden of every last bit of meaning due to its excessive and often superfluous use in the corporate world. You must've worked on more than just one task during your previous job, right? No need to state the obvious.

6. Microsoft Office

Seriously why would a 21st century job seeker list basic computer knowledge as an actual skill on their résumé? How is this still relevant to our times in any way? An even more flagrant goof would be to list the programs one by one à la 2006.


Christina Fakhry