Is technology an innovation or a setback in South Korea?

Technology can be defined in many ways such as skills, method, processes, technique and etc., as most of you agree technology plays a crucial part in our modern day lifestyle. Some of us start our day by waking up to an alarm set on our smartphones; some go to work by catching the subway using a metrocard.

Nowadays, most big business companies expect you to be able to use a computers and their software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and others. South Korea was ranked fourth on various websites in the top 10 list for most technologically advanced country.

According to TIME Magazine, Korea is known to have the fastest Internet connection in the world, with its speed reaching a blazing 21.0 Mbit/s, and it may get even better. But does being a tech-innovative country necessarily mean good?

Technology certainly enhances our lifestyle in various different ways. It makes our lives convenient thanks to the infinite amounts of possibilities, it made events that were seemed impossible possible.

In modern society, smartphones and social media have certainly become a necessity, especially in today’s age where it is used by people of all ages and is used to help us keep in contact. It is also used to help us find lost friends and even read news articles that we used to have to print to read. It is these features that we use that came along due to the advancements in the technological field. Social media especially is now used by people of all ages, it helps people stay in contact easily, find lost friends and you can even read the news, thanks to the endless features it holds.



Technology is also one aspect that drives the society forward, in terms of companies advanced technology can mean increase in efficiency meaning they can achieve things cheaper than their competitors meaning that they would gain over the competitors.

Also, technology plays a huge part in modern education due to the technological advancement of computers; student can now learn and share knowledge to others around the globe. Being able learn to a global scale can help the students potential to bloom, which can give birth to global leaders and others, who will lead the future generation forward.

On the other hand as much goods technology bring, it has significant flaws to it, for example I’m sure within the proportion of you who are reading this, there are some agree that advancement in technology changed our lifestyle to become more antisocial.

Verbal communication plays an essential part in a person’s social skills, the ability to read emotions and the ability to understand body language cannot be developed behind the screen.

Teens nowadays grow up next to technology, some refuse to leave their room and stay on their smartphones all day, they may have hundreds of followers on Instagram but later on when they seek help in the real world they might find out that they still feel like they have no friends.

Yet ironically this media we call social is making individuals more antisocial, the consequences of being anti-social can appear later on in the child’s life when he grows up to get a job he may not be able to speak for himself due to the lack of experience in talking to significant others.

There might be a person out there with the ability to change the world but that cannot fully express themselves due to their anti-behavioral habits built by our gadgets.

It is certainly true that technology brings benefits and convenience to our lives but in my opinion I find that technology is like a double edged dagger, it can bring happiness to society, save lives and make our life easier but on the other hand it carries a deadly side where it makes people dependent to a little screen in their pocket and become slaves to a device that we have created with our own hands.

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