5 ways to become more confident

Credit: Thechangeblog.com

Credit: Thechangeblog.com

Unlike popular myth, you aren't born with confidence. Think of it as a muscle and like any other, with enough practice it will grow.

Everyone goes through down times questioning their abilities and potential, but these phases will pass.

It never is too late to work on developing your confidence. Here are five ways to help you do so.

1. Talk to more people.

You’re not going to become more confident if you don’t socialize. Expanding your social network is essential if you are to become more sure of yourself.

Interaction with people makes you realize how much you've got going for you. It provides you with new ideas and gives you the chance to share yours and you'll realize that there is nothing to fear when it comes to people.

2. Focus on your strengths.

If all you’re ever going to think about are your weaknesses, there is no way you’re going to appreciate what you have. It’s fine if you value yourself, in fact you should. You have to capitalize on your strength points and make use of them.

3. Engage in new activities.

You always need to remind yourself that you have more potential and you're not going to discover them if you keep doing the same activities.

A key factor in building confidence is diving into new unknown territory and testing yourself there. You'll be surprised how much you'd learn about yourself.

4. Be spontaneous.

Don't plan ahead; most of the times planning adds to your anxiety and fear. When you're out with your friends try to enjoy the time as it is.

When you're forced to think on your feet, it will add to your self value and leave you feeling more sure and confident of yourself.

5. Remind yourself of your successes.

If you don't feel proud of yourself, how do you expect other to appreciate you? It all comes down to you.

You need to remind yourself of what you've accomplished for far. All your past successes will only fuel your urge to accomplish more and build up your confidence. So go ahead, count your achievements.