Millennial Tips: Enhance your career with these 4 tips

There are many building blocks to a successful career, but forging a solid professional path in an increasingly crowded, perpetually evolving job market is no easy task, notably when you’re a young millennial caught up in the ‘figuring things out’ phase.

Hoping to help you figure out a few things while at it, we’ve gathered some useful career tips.


Start by working within your borders, even while on the lookout for a better opportunity. Think about it this way: At this point in time, there is no one doing what you do other than you, and it is therefore in your best interest to make the most of your current position before moving on to your next journey. Do things differently, go the extra mile, nail every task you’re given, no matter how small, and you will experience greater job satisfaction and personal growth that will equip you for taking on greater responsibilities in the future.


Don’t just lie down on your couch every night expecting opportunities to magically come knocking at your door. Get on your laptop, do your research, ask around, perfect your professional image online and offline, be persistent, and work on expanding your knowledge/skills in order to draw in new opportunities (or become ‘attractive’ to potential employers, in other words). You have no excuse to remain oblivious to the latest job trends amid today’s ultra-connected world.


If everyone seems to enjoy a certain type of work, professional routine or job industry, then this doesn’t mean you should/will too! Instead of just going with the flow and relying on social cues from your surrounding in your career choices, take initiative to experiment with the things you love until you find your best balance. If the good old nine-to-five formula does not match your goals, go for a freelance, entrepreneurial or hybrid alternative. Thoughtful experimentation, even when it ends with failure, is the only way to avert confusion!


Settling for less due to either a lack of options or material need has sadly become a prevalent phenomenon among today’s youth. And while such a practice is likely to backfire sooner or later on those who choose to settle, it becomes all the more harmful when it moves from a personal choice to a societal norm as more and more people begin to fall for it. Quality work should be met with fair compensation. And once you’ve perfected the quality of your work over time, you should not accept for your work to be underpaid/underappreciated. By setting the standard for yourself, you participate in setting the standard for everyone else in your field.

Cover photo credit: Saulo Mohana/Unsplash


Christina Fakhry