The best way to get rich? It all starts with beliefs, money experts say

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

Adam Smith, considered to be the father of modern economics, once said: “All money is a matter of belief.”

Emily Williams, money mindset expert, says that it all starts with our “money story,” — and by that, she means our personal beliefs about money, like when we think “There’s never enough money” or “It’s difficult to make money.”

We usually develop our ‘money stories’ when we are quite young and, consequently, we bring them into adulthood and our careers.

According to Williams, the best way to keep a clear head about our own money story is by asking ourselves a series of questions, such as “What did my parents tell me about money?” “How does money make me feel?” “Do I have any guilt around money?” or “Do I believe I deserve to spend money on myself?”

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Williams also believes that it’s fundamental to change the words in our story from negative to positive to set a better attitude toward money.

Everyone, according to Williams, has the power to develop a winning money mindset with some simple and successful strategies.

1. Decide what you want. So many people deny themselves a rich life or think it's not possible for them. Well, it is.

2. Make decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are now. Your past economic background and current circumstances can’t compromise your future.

3. Adopt a ‘Why not me?’ philosophy. Everyone is worthy of a beautiful life.

4. Be grateful for what you already have and distance yourself from the victim mentality.


Anna Curnis