5 signs you're in the wrong job

We don't all find our dream jobs right away. In fact, some of us might not be so lucky to find them. But for those who actually strive to do so, here are some signs you need to be on the lookout for.

1. You have to put a lot of effort.

When you're happy in the work you do, things tend to come naturally. You're more active and productive and feel more at ease in work.

2. You have to fake your personality.

Your personality at work doesn't match with yours outside work. Maybe you're not cut out for the corporate world for instance; wearing suits everyday might not be your style. Having to act in a way that contradicts your true self is a major sign that your job is a no go.

3. You don't feel you're valuable.

Perhaps the most demoralizing feeling to experience is the lack of worth. When you're doing a job you don’t like, you tend not to put a lot of effort which results in you feeling less valuable than your peers who might be giving it their best.

4. You've hit a learning plateau.

The workplace should always offer you things to learn, but when you feel you've hit a wall, that might be a red flag. Lacking a sense of growth and development is a serious indication that your current job could eventually do more harm than good.

5. You don't feel like talking about it.

If you really love your job, chances are you would want to share some of its details with your friends and family. But when you're tired of it, you probably wouldn't want to mention the matter and prefer to ignore it completely.

It’s not easy admitting you made a mistake and it’s even harder to shift and fix it, but if it must be done, then better do it now while you still have the time.