5 phrases you don't want to be using at work

Just because actions speak louder than words doesn’t mean we can ignore what we’re saying. Keeping an eye on how your conversations with people are headed is crucial as you progress through life, and particularly, your career.

The best thing you can do to get ahead is to start talking and thinking the way successful people do. Here are the top five phrases you won’t hear them say.

1. "I can't do that."

Nobody wants to hear that you are not capable of doing something. Success comes from your ability to do things other might see as impossible. Always try to find a way to solve whatever problems come your way.

2. "I don't know how."

Pleading ignorance usually is not the way to go. Although honesty is highly appreciated, the workplace wants you to learn even if you don’t know the way. So, if you are faced with a problem, it’s better to show you are willing to learn. Follow the phrase with "I will try to figure out how," to show both honesty and hard work.

3. "Let's catch up sometime."

If you want to make something happen, you better plan ahead of time. Throwing phrases like that just shows you are not willing to set up a date to meet right now. So the next time you really want to meet up with someone, make plans to do so right on the spot.

4. "I'm not good enough."

Don’t enter the self-pity stage because everyone is good enough and everyone has potential. No matter how frustrated you might feel, admitting that you are not good enough sends your employers and those around you an idea that you don’t believe in yourself, making them think that way too. So keep your head up and keep moving forward.

5. "This was all my idea."

Although it’s good to take pride in your work, boasting about it is a bit frowned upon. Encouraging others is essential when you are part of a team, so always include them.