Infographic: Cat purrs and their healing power

A pet around the house can have more than just the role of companionship. Although it is known that this is the most common reason a person keeps a pet, several benefits are present too, such as reducing stress and anxiety, helping a person cope and recovering after the loss of a loved one.

In fact, cats and dogs are both involved in what we call “pet therapy,” a type of treatment using pets to improve a patient’s mental health. Those pets are trained to assist in the therapy and help the person overcome their problems.

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For a long time, cats were considered unsocial and distant pets, but it has been proven that they are not always solitary animals. They can make their owner feel better if he or she had a bad day, by just being there and sitting on his or her lap. Cats are credited to lowering the risk of depression, reducing stress symptoms, being good companions and helping in coping strategies.

The infographic below explains that, apart from the psychological benefits, cat purrs are known to be medically therapeutic to many illnesses.

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