Sahib Dino: Local volunteering hero helping his community prosper

Sahib Dino, 20, Pakistan

My name is Sahib Dino, aged 20 and born and raised in Pakistan. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a renowned university in Pakistan. I love socializing with people and exploring different cultures and places. I am a passionate individual with an urge to have the maximum knowledge about this beautifully diverse world. Coming from a third world country with weak democratic institutions, my immense interest lies in public issues and I aspire to better the lives of the people in my country. Improving the quality of health and education is my utmost goal.

At a glance on my extracurricular record, you could simply define me as a hardworking and an all-rounded individual. My very first experience was working for an NGO named “Yes We Do Care” in which we were responsible for an orphanage in our town and where we distributed books to indigent students.

With the goal to remove book famine from Pakistan, we started this campaign to help children who otherwise would not attend school by supplying educational materials to eliminate their education costs. I absolutely loved this experience. Soon afterward, I started working in another NGO called “Dar-ul-Sukun,” a home for abandoned and mentally or physically challenged children and adults, where I was entrusted to look after the people there. I used to communicate with them and keep them busy by doing different kinds of activities.

I was also engaged in multiple donation drives. One time, I was able to get the highest collection of clothes and food for the flood victims of my country. During my summer vacations, I worked for an organization named The Citizen Foundation (TCF), one of the largest non-profit organizations in Pakistan working in the education sector, having currently 1,441 schools with around 204,000 students enrolled all over Pakistan. Here I undertook the task of teaching the underprivileged people of my country.

Moreover, currently after my university hours and on weekends, I teach the underprivileged students in a slum area under the project named “Mustakbil,” where we are working as a team for the betterment of the students who are deprived of the education. We conduct different fun activities, art and crafts sessions. With an intention to put joint efforts, we here work together and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift the lives of those children who grow with inadequate education.

Other than education, health and being well-fed is the basic necessity and the right of every individual, however, a large population of my country is denied of it, therefore we, a group of students, started a drive named as “Iftaar For Rozedaars” in the holy month of Ramadan, in which we used to deliver food to the slum areas of Karachi. Furthermore, I joined another organization named, “Robinhood Army” which is an internationally recognized organization working day and night to feed the people who starve till they sleep. We used to get surplus food from the restaurants of Karachi and provide it to the less fortunate people.

The biggest hurdle in my journey is the lack of funds. We go door-to-door and ask people for funds by running different kinds of campaigns for our desired projects, sometimes it’s very overwhelming but then there are times where we go back home with disappointment.

According to U.N. statistics, Pakistan is facing a high illiteracy rate, in 2016 it was around 45 percent and it's my aim to create a circle of like-minded people working under a common platform who share the same passion as me towards creating a literate Pakistan. It’s my dream to open a school which provides quality education, free of cost, to the people who can’t afford to study.

Furthermore, I also plan to open a food venture in my country to feed the underprivileged people who are forced to eat rotten food or at most times no food at all. The next thing I wish to work on is to make documentaries on taboo subjects like gender equality and more. I believe meeting with new and different kinds of people with various backgrounds around the globe and exchanging views with them, discovering new ways of bringing changes to our society will be a step forward to reach me my goals.