Jasmin Diab: A true global youth ambassador

Jasmin Lilian Diab, Lebanon

Cover credit: Jasmin Diab

Cover credit: Jasmin Diab

I have a B.A. in International Affairs and Diplomacy and an M.A. in International Law from Notre Dame University (NDU) in Lebanon. The positions I hold include: Office Manager and Research/Project Assistant at the Lebanese Emigration Research Center at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at NDU, Operations Manager and Youth Coordinator at the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative, and Research Assistant and Assistant Project Manager at the Lebanese Development Network.

I’m a former Direct Dialogue Team Leader at Greenpeace International’s Middle East Office, which was based in Beirut, and I’m currently a Research Affiliate at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Lebanon.

I am trained in the areas of international law, international relations, human rights, gender studies, conflict transformation, migration and dialogue, both locally and internationally, having attended coursework, training and completed projects and consultancies in Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Austria and Ukraine.

I am also the winner of the “Mykhailo Verbytsky Award” for Most Interesting Debate Intervention awarded by the Parliament of Ukraine in 2016, as well as the “Effective Presentations Award in International Criminal Law” awarded by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the government of the Netherlands in the same year.

Credit: Jasmin Diab

Credit: Jasmin Diab

Currently and more recently, I was appointed a Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School, a global Theirworld initiative based in the U.K., for the years 2017 to 2020, as well as the head of Think Tank of the Global Arts and Politics Alliance, an international network based in Graz, Austria.

I currently intend to complete a Master of Advanced Studies between Lebanon and Tunisia and I’m also on the lookout for PhD opportunities across Austria and the U.K. My passion since I was as young, as I can remember, is to become a scholar and professor in my field.

I enjoy reading and writing about issues that concern me a lot. In addition to the articles, papers, reports, catalogs and proceedings I have published through the think tanks and research centers I am affiliated with, more recently, I am the author of the book “International Migration and Refugee Law: Does Germany’s Migration Policy Toward Syrian Refugees Comply?” available for purchase or download on Google Books.

I am excited to take part in the Youth Assembly at the United Nations and looking forward to having fruitful discussions with all attendees.