Sharing your personal story: How to!

united nations youth assembly

Dear Delegate,

The following is a quick guide on how to share your personal story on our blog. This space has the objective of sharing your story with peers around the world: who you are, your accomplishments and your plans for the future. As you write, please consider addressing the following:

  • Generalities (Name, surname, age, gender...)
  • Education (What is your background?)
  • Work experience (What are you specialized in? What impact have you made? What have been your greatest accomplishments?)
  • Aspirations for the future (Who do you want to be?)
  • What are you looking forward to in the context of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations?

Please limit your answer to 700 words and feel free to include pictures, videos or any content that you think would help to convey your message more effectively. And be creative!

The members selected for the video interview, which will be streamed from official social media channels, will be contacted prior to the beginning of the assembly.

united nations youth assembly