Enhancv: Showcasing young talent, one CV at a time

Editor’s note: This article is part of a new GYV series covering the evolution, scope of work and challenges of young startups founded by millennial entrepreneurs from different countries around the world.

Cover source: Enhancv website

Cover source: Enhancv website

This week, the GYV startup hunt lands in the Balkans, with Bulgarian startup Enhancv under the radar. The user-friendly platform is designed to help young professionals rise above the competition by creating memorable resumes that are likely to leave a lasting impact on employers.

During his third year of university, Enhancv founder and harmonizer-in-chief Volen Vulkov went on an Erasmus exchange in Wuppertal, a small city in the north-west of Germany, where he attempted to find a job as a junior software developer.

“If you are applying for a job in Germany, you need to send a “Lebenslauf” (the german format of a CV). It was all black and white, without any sections that reveal your personality or motivation but still I decided to make one and sent it to over 30 open job positions,” Vulkov told GYV.

Two weeks later, he still hadn’t received a response so he decided to change his approach fundamentally. “I really wanted to work in one of the companies that I had applied for, so I crafted a CV especially for them through changing the colors/fonts, adding untraditional sections that revealed more about my personality and researching the company extensively in order to better formulate why I wanted to work there,” he explained. “The very next day, I received an interview invitation and ultimately landed the job!”

This incident was the initial trigger behind Enhancv, which he launched two years later with fellow Bulgarian co-founders Georgi Ivanov and Dimitar Vouldjeff. “We started off as a service company helping over 100 people show their best assets when creating a CV. Three months later we had our first automated prototype and since then, we are updating our product every single day,” Vulkov noted.

“Before we started Enhancv, I had seen a lot of CV building services, yet all of them focused on automating the process of creating a CV rather than solving the real problem: how people represent themselves,” he added. “If you compare a CV made using Enhancv with another nice-looking CV from the web, then you will find that the former has a lot more personal details, and this has been helping employers identify the best candidate based on a good cultural fit rather than just skills.”

The platform currently features a basic free track and a paid track that encompasses a larger and more customizable pool of features. “Yes, we have more than 200,000 daily users who believe in us, our metrics are going upwards each day, and our product is helping a lot of people land the job they truly want. But in the end, the one thing that makes me get up each day is the team we have at Enhancv - the other Enhancers,” Vulkov told GYV. “For me the number one reason why startups succeed is having a great team.”

When asked to provide millennial entrepreneurs with a constructive piece of advice, he went on to name ego and fear as “a young entrepreneurs’ biggest enemies” nowadays. “Ego is the one thing that can ruin your entrepreneurship path. In order to succeed you have to say less, be less and do more. On the other hand, you should be brave enough to attempt new things every day,” he concluded. “Do not let the fear overcome you, take bold decisions and execute them, even if they seem impossible!”