Millennial tips: Unconventional advice to enhance your résumé

As a young professional in today’s ever-evolving and increasingly competitive job market, your résumé plays a major role in determining your employability. Looking to revamp your CV and ultimately increase your chances of impressing employers? GYV spoke to Enhancv co-founder and harmonizer-in-chief Volen Vulkov to bring you a useful set of tips that are guaranteed to put you on the right track.

Stating your past job responsibilities in a robotic corporate tone is just not enough to pique the interest of a potential employer. “Focus on the results and achievements you accomplished during that time and phrase them in a tangible manner, including as many numbers as possible, so that it’s obvious that you have delivered tangible results instead of simply taking care of your duties,” Vulkov explained.

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Many people today still think that a good CV can only contain specific information about a job seeker’s experience, education and skills but according to Vulkov (and contrary to modern résumé trends), these do not qualify as the most relevant information one can provide a future employer with. “It’s twice more important to tell them about your passions, favorite books, travels and even how a usual day of your life looks like,” he told GYV. “This helps the employer better understand what motivates you to work at their company and whether you are a good culture fit.”

Showcasing your past internships and job positions neatly and coherently lies at the core of a good résumé but it doesn’t just stop there. “Don’t get me wrong, work experience is really important, but don't be afraid to share what you're most proud of or what you learned from the last book you read for instance,” Vulkov noted. “In life, we sometimes learn more by taking online courses, volunteering, traveling or reading books than spending five years at a certain company.”

Photos credit: Christina Fakhry