4 bad habits that are hindering millennials from achieving success

Millennials have too much on their plate already, from rising college debt to ever-evolving cultural stereotypes. But sometimes the real obstacle standing in the way of their success lies somewhere else, often without them being aware of it.

Not making an effort to know what they want. It is perfectly okay to be confused about what you want in life, relationships and the professional world. But when mere confusion borders on complete disarray due to lack of research, self-exploration and/or experimentation, it becomes problematic to say the least. The Internet age has equipped millennials with a diverse array of tools and unprecedented opportunities to know more, showcase their skills and develop their personal brand. And by choosing not to utilize the resources at your hands to build your personal/professional image due to laziness, carelessness or sheer overwork, you are willingly holding yourself back and falling behind on both the likability and employability scales. Time to put yourself out there a little more!

Going with the flow. Building on the above notion, indecision can drive millennials towards picking up cues blindly from people in their surrounding due to being overly dependent, lacking personal initiative or both. And while it is perfectly normal/healthy for you to learn from other people’s mistakes/be inspired from other people’s successes and conform to certain societal ideals to be able to make it, melting into the system of things can prove to be harmful in today’s standout-driven world. So why waste your time impersonating a customized version of someone while you can fully channel it into becoming the best version of yourself.

Succumbing to social media ideals. In addition to picking up cues from their physical/social environment, millennials often fall victim to unrealistic social media ideals that have been perpetuated by modern marketers’ influencer-bound culture. Suddenly, getting the latest gadget spotted in a famous blogger’s hand is an utmost necessity, wearing the newfangled denim trend demonstrated on a fashionista’s Instagram is a fall-fashion must and so on. The best way to fight this recurrent brand-influencer cycle is to one: become aware of it, 2: gradually detach from its online representations and 3: become significantly immune to its charm. Who’s in for an unfollow/unlike/unsubscribe spree?

Regarding doing more as a measure of productivity. Contrary to popular millennial standards, productivity is not about DOING MORE but rather about being MORE DRIVEN to succeed in whatever task you are given. Do not get carried away with the heroic multitasker culture and feel pressured to bite off more than you can chew just to make yourself look better. Be more focused in your approach to work and life. The best way to measure productivity/success is on a task-per-task basis.

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Christina Fakhry