5 tips to fight heat this summer

Cover credit: Flickr

Cover credit: Flickr

Summer has just started and the increase in temperature is sometimes going to be unbearable. Coping with high temperature is not easy, and staying in an air-conditioned room is not always possible.

Here are five tips to fight the heat this summer.

1. Drink water.

A lot. Dehydration happens very often during summertime. Wherever you are make sure to always carry a bottle of water, whether you're at the office, the mall or home. Staying hydrated is very essential and important especially when temperatures get high. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake as well because they will induce dehydration.

2. Wear cotton or loose clothing.

Fabrics like satin and polyester are extremely not recommended in summer. They tend to make one sweat more. Cotton clothes make you feel more at ease and cool. Wearing tight clothes is unpleasant as well. Looser clothing will keep you cooler, particularly those of light colors.

3. Avoid going out during sunlight.

The sun is the most dangerous between 12 p.m and 2 p.m, so if you are planning to go outdoors during this time of the day, change your plans or postpone them until the time that the sun will be going down. Wearing  sunscreen protection is very important during all summer days, even if you are not going to the beach.

4. Go to the beach.

Whenever you have some time off, go to the beach and take a quick dip. It will be fun and helpful to avoid feeling the hot summer heat. This does not include spending the whole day under the sun, causing sun damage but spending a logical amount of time in the water to stay cool while it’s hot outside.

5. Eat healthy.

On summer days, avoiding hot dishes can be beneficial. Instead of heated food platters, try to switch to cold dishes, especially those containing fruits and vegetables. Dairy products are also good. Having a couple of snacks is important as well. If you have free time, you can try to include some exercising into your lifestyle to stay balanced and healthy.

Summer days are here and can be enjoyable if one learns how to fight and cope with the heat wave that comes along.