8 tips for aspiring bloggers

Cover credit: Blogerish

Cover credit: Blogerish

Are you in the process of setting up your own blog? Here are a few practical tips to help you out as you embark on this new journey.

1. Choose your niche. There is nothing more confusing than being all over the place with your writing. Find one theme you’re passionate about and stick to it. This doesn’t mean you should be limited to one topic only but at least have the majority of your posts fall under one unifying theme (be it lifestyle, tech, fashion, food, politics, cats…).

2. Follow a consistent tone. Post under a tone that reflects your personality and showcases your writing style at once. Having a consistent tone throughout your blog posts gives your website a consistent, harmonious feel.

3. Brush up on your writing skills. Poor writing skills are a major disadvantage. Make sure to produce quality writing and avoid grammar/spelling mistakes.

4. Find a suitable posting frequency and stick to it. Blogging is no less demanding than a daytime job. You need to truly be your own boss and set a clear posting frequency for your blog without nevertheless exhausting yourself. For instance, you can start with biweekly posts and pick it up from there.

5. Optimize your online presence. You need to work on building a strong and sustainable personal brand in order to increase your visibility online. We have a full-fledged guide for that!

6. Reply to messages in a timely manner. Be friendly and attentive in your online interactions with readers. Make sure to answer your messages, requests and emails in a timely manner. There is nothing more harmful for your image as a blogger than ignoring your followers.

7. Build a distinctive persona on social media. Having a strong following on social media makes it easier for you to spread the word about your blog and start building your audience. Twitter can be a good start.

8. Keep the flame alive. Let’s face it, you won’t become an A-list blogger overnight. Do not be discouraged when your blog posts do not receive the attention you think they deserve. Be persevering and consistent and acknowledge slow progress in order to keep the flame alive.


Christina Fakhry