Team 54 Project shows the world the damages created by climate change

Team 54 Project shows the world the damages created by climate change

Editor’s note: Daniel Gbujie submitted his following personal story to Global Young Voices. You too can submit yours to us here.

I created an initiative that raises awareness on the impact of climate change. Originally, I started out advocating and raising awareness about the negativity of climate change in Africa only. However, after a climate change training our founder attended in March in Denver, Colorado, that was sponsored by Mr. Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, through his organization “Climate Reality Project,” Team 54 Project restructured to accommodate. Now, we speak worldwide for vulnerable nations and communities affected by climate change and we encourage divestment from fossil fuel into renewable energy everywhere.

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Our stories are shared through various forms, called “engagement/quest”, all of which are carried out directly by our members, as it is our way to take climate actions on ourselves.

Find time to scroll down our active official Facebook page, to see what our members are doing around the world. It’s very educational and everything we post is regularly updated.

In Team 54 Project, we highlight the negative impact of climate change on the economy, health, environment and security of various nations, especially the most vulnerable ones in Africa. As of right now, we are able to achieve this thanks to a global team of wonderful dedicated members from 160 different countries.

They actively bring to the Team an international perspective and encourage collaborative ideas to solve the crisis caused by climate change.

We like to take action, as you will see on the Facebook page. Some of our members are international researchers and have published papers on climate change, while most of our active members constantly post enlightening materials related to climate change. Part of our team was in Seattle, Washington this past July for a sponsored leadership training on climate change.

We also attend and organize rallies and marches in support of a clean renewable energy and a better environment. Our members deliver presentations, both locally and internationally, to provide solutions and advice to go from fossil fuel to a kind of renewable energy, such as solar energy.

It’s the passion of our members and their willingness to see an ecologically healthy planet that has made this African organization a top non-profit in the world, and we have won awards and recognitions from international and national organizations to prove that.

Taking inspiration from Team 54 Project, our members have started their own respective organizations with similar goals and we constantly work in partnerships to raise global awareness, educate people and enlighten the global community about the challenges of climate change.

Throughout this whole process, social media visibility was the game changer in our strategy to reach a wider audience. We began being socially active just about 16 weeks ago, and now we have over 440,675 people following us via our platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, WhatsApp and other satellite blogs that we are associated with.

But what are these engagement/quests we carry out?


They can be of various nature but their main purpose is to involve people in taking action against climate change.

They include:

  1. Organizing and attending training courses to discuss solutions to climate change.

  2. Giving speeches and presentations, locally and globally, on climate change.

  3. Taking part and organizing workshops, seminars, webinars, online educative training & conferences on climate change.

  4. Supporting other organizations that share our same goal, such as the United Nations, AU, UNESCO and different organizations like “Climate Reality Project,” “Bridge the Gap” and “Let’s Do It World.”

  5. Spreading the word by attending radio interviews. In fact, we just had, on June 23 with KTST-FM Radio Station in Anaheim, California.

Our quest will be concluded in a two day conference called “The 54th Grand Finale” which will be hosted in Catbalogan, Philippines, a city that will take part in a 100 percent green initiative, starting December 2017.

During the 54th grand finale’s ceremony, we will recognize the merit of 54 active and outstanding members of our team, along with international personalities and organizations who have helped raising awareness globally.

We just announced one of our most ambitious campaigns on social media and we want it to hit 1 million digital remarks, either in form of likes, sharing, tweets, hashtags or views. It’s a lot, but with your support, we can do it.

Please, join us in our quest for an ecologically stable world.


Cover cartoon credit: Sergio Algeri/GYV

Photos credit: Daniel Gbujie

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