Top 8 most in-demand millennial jobs worldwide

Top 8 most in-demand millennial jobs worldwide

Cover credit:  Pixabay

Cover credit: Pixabay

We often talk about the required skills and competences millennials need in order to move up and the various ways to develop them. But have you ever wondered what are the trendiest jobs on the worldwide market today?

Michael Page, one of the world’s leading professional recruitment consultants specialized in the placement of candidates in several kind of positions (permanent, contract, temporary and interim) with clients around the world, worked with a team of researchers to make a comprehensive list of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now. Here’s how the top eight unfolded.

1. Software developers

To cater for the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry, the demand for software developers is not only on the rise but also constitutes the most in-demand profession worldwide.

2. Engineers

The expertise of electronic, civil, mechanical and industrial engineers among others is highly required worldwide. Companies are increasingly looking for skilled engineers to develop high-quality systems, from manufacturing to product design.

3. Nurses

Several European countries are seeking new nurses and the same goes for countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The current lack of nurses is greatly attributes to long work hours and rather unsociable schedules.

4. Doctors and medical practitioners

Thanks to their ability to save millions of lives every year, doctors are still needed all over the world. From Ireland to Japan, almost every world country is constantly seeking new doctors.

5. Accountants

Thanks to their statistical and technical knowledge, accountants are highly needed professionals, especially in Europe, South America and Asia.

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6. Psychologists

Besides Scandinavian countries and Denmark, known for their high quality lifestyle, countries like Canada, Chile and Australia are also seeking to recruit more psychologists.

7. Sales executives

Sales jobs are extremely hard to fill. According to researchers, this is primarily due to young people's reluctance to enter a field where success often comes down to a limited number. This type of professionals is most needed in Japan, Mexico and Canada as well as across Europe.

8. Surveyors

With no other particular reason than the general lack of skilled workers in their construction industries, the UK, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Australia, the US and New Zealand are in need of more surveyors.

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