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Infographic: Millennials more knowledgeable about sustainability than previous generation

The Student Sustainability Coalition at a youth-led event in Oregon State University's Memorial Union Quad on Oct. 30, 2013
Cover credit: Theresa Hogue/Oregon State University
Source: Flickr

Atlanta-based communications and automotive services company Cox Enterprises published a study, aka the 2015 Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey, that revealed millennials will lead the way for sustainability in small and medium businesses (SMBs).

The survey is a national study examining sustainability opportunities and challenges for SMBs, according to Cox Blue, a Cox community of business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

“Millennials are on the leading edge of today’s thinking and dialogue about sustainability and will greatly influence the scope and effectiveness of tomorrow’s efforts,” Cox Enterprises Executive Vice President Alex Taylor said. “The Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey found that this demographic group is more informed, more energetic and more passionate about implementing sustainable business practices.”

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The infographic below by Cox Blue gives more information on the findings of the survey.

More details at Cox Conserves

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