6 tips to stay motivated in a diet

6 tips to stay motivated in a diet

Cover credit:  Fat Reduction Pro

Cover credit: Fat Reduction Pro

We have previously told you how behavioral psychology has an explanation for your failed attempts at dieting.

According to it, diet is a decision to change, and every change has six stages linked in a vicious cycle.

But deciding to start a diet is not the only problem. The difficult part is to stay committed and motivated.

Here are six tips to stay motivated in your next diet.

1. Be realistic.

When setting out goals, it is very important not to long for imaginary and unreachable ones. Doing so might, on the opposite, be demotivating. For example, wanting to lose more than 5 kilograms per month won't be a reachable number. Asking for a professional’s advice is necessary when the person is not used to being on diet.

2. Slow progress is better than no progress.

Learning to see the changes in the body is essential in every diet and comparing one's self to another person should not be done. Each one has their own pace, and should not be discouraged if the changes occurring are kind of slow; the good part is that changes exist.

3. Track your food.

When on a diet, keeping a food diary can be beneficial to track meals and stay in control of the food intake. Sometimes, it is always possible to use the help of a professional or a friend, send them the food diary and have their opinion and comment on the diet.

4. Love yourself.

Throughout the whole process, loving yourself is the key to reach your goals. You may not be happy the way your body looks like right now, but the first step into deciding to change it, is to love it and accept it the way it currently is.

5. Be creative.

One piece of advice is being creative with the food to eat. Without really being a chef or having high cooking skills, preparing and cooking the meals is a fun way to motivate yourself. Not only it would be fun, but also it will help to take the mind off of thinking about what food to eat, and instead, waste some time into preparing to indulge in the cooked meal.

6. Choose your friends wisely.

The surrounding is as important as the diet itself, this is why a person should try to be around positive like-minded people, who are able to support them and push them to reach their goals. Being around negative people guarantees the failure of the diet.

Motivation starts with you. Yes, tips might help but the decision to change, commit and win comes from the person himself, not food nor friends.

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