8 practical business email tips to live by

8 practical business email tips to live by

Cover credit:  Pexels

Cover credit: Pexels

Brush up on your business email etiquette with our practical selection of email tips.

1. Nail your subject line.

NEVER send an email with an empty subject line. Come up with a clear and precise subject that matches and reflects the content of your email while also being relevant to the recipient.

2. Count to 10.

Do not speed-reply to emails without carefully reading the text and checking any attachments first in order to avoid sending too many updates/corrections later on. Avoid replying to emails when in an angry mood to prevent unsolicited/unprofessional emotional spills. Wait until you've calmed down before taking action.

3. Use proper punctuation.

Overindulging on exclamation points and emoticons is a definite no-no. Watch your grammar/sentence structures and make sure to punctuate your sentences correctly.

4. Take hints from the sender.

When unsure how to reply to someone’s email, the safest option would be to try to match their tone/approach when formulating your reply. For instance, if the sender opted for a casual email structure, then you definitely don’t need to load your reply with very formal email expressions.

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5. Name your attachments responsibly.

Keep in mind that what sounds perfectly logical to you might not make any sense to your addressee. Always name your attachments from the perspective of the recipient.

6. Avoid novel-length paragraphs.

There’s nothing more demotivating than a long one-paragraph email. Chunk down your bulks of text into smaller, easy-to-read paragraphs. You can also use bullet points to separate different notions/themes.

7. Proofread.

Do not type in the recipient’s email until you’ve made sure that your email is free of grammar/spelling errors and ready to go!

8. Optimize your signature.

Set up an automatic email signature that redirects people to your personal website/online portfolio and relevant social media accounts, without nevertheless coming off as too crowded.

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