5 perfect jobs for travel lovers

5 perfect jobs for travel lovers

Cover credit:  Idealist Careers

Cover credit: Idealist Careers

Do you ever feel like packing your suitcase and just taking a trip somewhere new? Are you afraid you’ll end up in a job robbing you of that chance? The good news is that there are jobs out there for those who have been bit by the travel bug.

Here are the top five jobs for people who love to travel.

1. Consultancy

As a consultant, you work to solve problems for either individuals or firms. As such, a lot of the time this job requires employees to travel abroad to meet clients and further understand issues at hand. You get to travel from one city to another and solve problems. Good deal!

2. Recruitment and Development

Working as a recruiter for either firms or colleges requires a lot of traveling. You’re expected to travel to universities and make sure that only the best of talents are to attend. You won’t be boarding the plane all the time, unfortunately. It’s not always peak season, so be prepared for office time as well.

3. English teaching

This job has been booming for quite a while. Being the universal language, the English language is highly taught all over the world. Native speakers and holders of English teaching certificates are finding themselves in high demand in many foreign countries. In fact, most of the times, an English teacher doesn't even need teaching credentials to land the job.

4. Journalism and reporting

When you’re working as a reporter, you’re covering news all over the world. So chances are, you will find yourself hopping from one country to another to get a story.

5. Photography

Your love of photography might take you to faraway places. You might have a photoshoot or an ad somewhere, or even at some destination event. It might not be that easy to make it as a photographer, but if it’s your passion then you should consider it.

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