5 mistakes that jeopardize your career

5 mistakes that jeopardize your career

Cover credit: Jobsforeveryjuan.com ( full link )

Cover credit: Jobsforeveryjuan.com (full link)

Although the workplace is not a jungle, surviving it requires a lot of strength and determination.

When stepping into the office for the first time, it all seems a bit overwhelming. Your coworkers seem to have it all figured out. The truth is though, everyone is bound to make a mistake every once in a while.

But sometimes, simple mistakes could qualify as career killers. Here are five you need to make sure you don’t make.

1. Over-promising

Everyone wants to prove their worth once they get accepted, and while it may seem tempting to promise the unattainable to your supervisors, it’s not the way to go. With over-promising comes under-performing and the latter is not a side you’d want to be on. It is extremely important for an employee to know his/her limits and promise what he/she thinks could be achieved. You don’t have to perform miracles to progress in your job, you just need to make sure your deliverables are turned in on time and with high quality.

2. Not thinking ahead

Always keep your priorities straight and don’t get too caught up with the small details. If you've got a lot of tasks, you need to make sure you know which should be done first. Managing your time and tasks is an essential trait all supervisors keep an eye on in their employees. So make sure you don’t lose sight of the big picture.

3. Negativity

Don’t be the negative person at the workplace, it’s not an admirable trait. While you may be under pressure, people don’t want to keep hearing about it. It is fine if you express your frustration once in awhile, but don’t make a habit out of it.

4. Playing “office politics”

Every workplace has its office dynamics, but the best advice is to stay out of it. Play nice with everyone and never lose sight of the reason you're there: to do your job. Work hard to build strong relationships and to network, but don't meddle with other people’s problems and never try to instigate conflict among your coworkers. These things always find a way of catching up to you.

5. Not seeking development

Change is a constant part of our lives and those who don’t adapt will not make it to the end. Although sometimes the most comfortable option is sticking to the status quo and doing things the way “they've always been done,” it might not be the smartest choice or the most efficient. Working on developing both yourself and the workplace techniques helps show that you can adapt to whatever is thrown your way and can make the best of it. Showing any fear of change or lack of interest in growth is a red flag for your employees.

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