4 misconceptions shaping millennials' lives

4 misconceptions shaping millennials' lives

Cover credit:  The Federalist

Cover credit: The Federalist

We’ve been told our whole lives that we can do anything we want, and success will come to us even sooner than we’d expect.

But the truth is, almost all the friends my age can describe their current state as “disappointing.”

You see, although we most definitely can achieve what we set our minds to, it won’t come as fast as we’ve been told. Results take time. It is this ideology millennials have that is steering them right into a whirlpool of frustration and self-doubt.

In fact, here are the four main misconceptions that are falsely shaping our lives.

1. I am alone in this.

Being in your twenties can be very scary and I speak from a very personal experience. You’ve graduated college and it’s time to figure out what you have to do for the rest of your lives. There are no teachers to guide you, and your parents won’t be of much help at this stage. It’s all you now, that’s where things get a bit lonely. But rest assured, everyone you know is probably going through that same phase. No one wants to admit they are confused, but almost everyone is.

2. I should have been successful already.

No, no, no! There is no way you would have been successful already, so stop putting yourself down. If life were a race, your twenties would be the stage you build your endurance. You won’t start sprinting till later on, so calm down. Success won’t be handed to you, it will take blood, sweat, and tears; it’s a lot of hard-work and a substantial amount of time. One thing is for sure though, you are already one step closer to it, so keep going.

3. I don’t have what it takes.

Yes you do, you most certainly do. The frustration you feel stems from your confusion not your lack of abilities. If you are currently feeling demotivated, it is completely normal. It’s not a sign of failure, it’s just a small phase you have to go through before you figure out your path. You will change your mind many times but don’t stress about it. There is no deadline; all that matters is you finding what makes you happy and progressing in that path. It’s not a task to be rushed.

4. Life isn’t how it “should be.”

That is one phrase I have heard consistently from the people around me. There is no “should be” with life, you can’t dictate how it will go. You can set a general guideline of its direction but never the details. Life happens, and you need to adapt to its changing circumstances.

What is success in your twenties? Failing and learning.

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