Weekly News Highlights: Top 6 stories from March 6 to 12

Weekly News Highlights: Top 6 stories from March 6 to 12

Following are the past week's most important moments in news.

1. Iraq bombing

Dozens of Iraqis died Sunday, March 6, in a suicide bombing, after an explosives-laden fuel truck was driven into a security checkpoint south of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.

The bombing had the characteristics of an ISIS attack and was the third that happened in and around Baghdad in a little more than a week. ISIS also launched two chemical attacks in northern Iraq.

2. Refugee crisis

A boat carrying 40 migrants from Turkey to Greece sunk in the Aegean Sea near the Turkish city of Didim March 6, according to Turkey's coast guard. Fifteen people were rescued and 25 others drowned.

At least 321 migrants have died at sea trying to reach Greece so far in 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Also, Turkey asked the EU for an extra three billion euros to manage the refugee crisis in an emergency summit between the two sides in Brussels, and agreed to the EU's plan to return thousands of Syrian refugees. But a U.N. official expressed concerns over the deal because it could leave refugees at risk of being sent back to conflict zones.

Meanwhile, Balkan countries like Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia closed their borders, leaving hundreds of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece.

3. U.S. presidentials

Democratic candidates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, went head to head in a fierce debate in Flint, Michigan, over important issues their country is facing like trade, guns and the auto industry bailout.

Two days later, Sanders pulled off a surprise win in the Michigan primary, his biggest in the race yet, defeating Clinton who was expected to win. However, Clinton is still leading overall, especially after a big win in Mississippi.

On the Republican side, business mogul Donald Trump won three states, Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii, increasing his chances of becoming the Republican White House nominee. But at the end of the week, Trump canceled his rally in Chicago due to protests that arose against him and led to violent clashes between his supporters and opponents.

4. North Korea

North Korean President Kim Jong-un claimed that North Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads, according to state media, so they can be used in pre-emptive strikes against the U.S. and South Korea.

This has caused tensions to rise in the Asian region, especially with U.S. and South Korean troops having large-scale military exercises.

5. Cuba

Cuba and the EU finalized a deal to normalize their ties after many years of tension.

EU-Cuba relations were restored after the South American country opened its single-party political system and centrally planned economy.

6. South Sudan

The U.N. recently found that militias allied to the South Sudanese army have been allowed to rape women as a reward for fighting rebels.

At least 1,300 civilian women were raped last year, according to U.N. investigators.

Cover credits: The Guardian, AP & Reuters

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