Survey finds ‘worst’ problems for millennials

Survey finds ‘worst’ problems for millennials

Cover credit:  Pexels

Cover credit: Pexels

As a World Economic Forum's annual Global Shapers survey pointed out not long ago, the millennial generation is deeply concerned about global issues and is learning new ways to tackle them.

The survey relies on opinions of more than 26,000 millennials from 181 countries who were asked to describe three main issues that affect the world today.

These 10 issues were found to be the most concerning, according to millennials.

1. At the top were environmental crises, specifically climate change and the destruction of natural resources. 45.2 percent of those who took the survey said this was one of the biggest global problems.

2. Large scale conflicts and wars represent the second great concern of millennials, as 38.5 percent of them mentioned it as a main world issue.

3. As reported by the WEF survey, religious conflicts provides the third great issue in this ranking, constituting 33.8 percent of the younger generation.

4. According to 31.1 percent of millennials, poverty is an issue that needs to be tackled as soon as possible.

5. 21.7 percent of young people claimed that government accountability, transparency and corruption is their greatest concern in relation to world issues.

6. In 18.1 percent of millennials’ opinion, safety, security and well-being is a large problem that affects not only them but people of all generations all over the world.

7. 16.5 percent of millennials are also concerned with lack of education around the world.

8. As several world countries are currently suffering the lack of political freedom and stability, it represents the major worry for 15.5 percent of young people.

9. Lying at the basis of human needs, food and water security greatly concerns the 15.1 percent of people around the world.

10. Even if it is not such an urgent issue to solve as some others listed here above, a lack of economic opportunity and unemployment, which led to the the economical crisis of recent years, deeply concerns 14.2 percent of world’s youth.

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