5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Photo credit: Times of Malta website

Photo credit: Times of Malta website

It’s school time again and students in most parts of the world are either back to school or preparing for it. With getting the required manuals, adapting to a new schedule, choosing the right courses and trying to meet deadlines comes a time of rush and stress.

College students in particular are prone to health problems like anxiety and traumas due to constant pressure. Living the student life can sure be stressful but it’s up to students themselves to manage their schedules and stay healthy while making the best out of their time.

Here are five different practices that can help manage stress:

1- Motivate yourself without criticism. A new study published on Psychology Today showed that while thinking under stress is a basic skillset for resilience, criticizing yourself and catastrophizing can weaken your determination and produce high levels of anxiety.

2- Read. Not only do people who constantly read exhibit greater mental aptitudes but they also gain the ability to combat insomnia and relax. Reading before bed and in your spare time for only six minutes reduces stress by 68 percent, according to a study conducted at University of Sussex.

3- Stay fit. Exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet. There’s mounting evidence that exercising is related to a better mood, according to a story published on the American Psychology Association website.

4- Surround yourself with optimistic people. Have assiduous and cheerful friends. They can help you overcome your daily problems and bring joy and good times to your school life.

5- Balance work and break. Rethink how you’re spending your time and don’t overload yourself. Evaluate your schedule then always leave time to rest, especially during exams.

Stressing out at work or school is normal and we all have different ways of managing stress. Some meditate or work out, others watch standup comedy videos, but as long as you think each problem through and stay positive, you’ll probably be just fine.