Bleisure: When business becomes a pleasure

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

Generation Y is well known for its desire to explore new places and its sense of adventure. This is why many millennials love combining leisure with business travels.

A new survey, led by Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, revealed that 78 percent of millennials intentionally take personal time on business trips.

Moreover, according to a research led by for Business, 30 percent of business travelers would accept a lower paying job if that meant they could travel more for work. The research showed that this attitude is stronger in millennials than in previous generations.

One of the reasons for this is that millennials have postponed marriage and having children to allow themselves to have fewer commitments and, therefore, more time to dedicate to their careers.

“Modern business travellers are most likely to ask about combining leisure with business travels, work-life balance or bringing family on trips,” Evan Konwiser, Vice President at American Express Global Business Travel, said.

“Companies are, therefore, developing progressive travel policies that encourage both personal and professional growth for business travellers. According to recent statistics, 57 percent of companies have a policy in place for employees aged 20 to 30 to extend business trips with vacation time.”