4 millennials share their golden advice to millennials

This week, we asked four members of our international GYV team to share their golden piece of advice to millennials today based on their personal experience. Here’s what they said.

Explore and learn! The best way to get to know yourself and what you like/dislike and want from life is to constantly learn new things and further explore your surroundings, interests and the world. Be curious! Do what makes you happy, and if you don’t know what it is yet, go out in the world with an open mind, you might be surprised. Meet new people and make real connections. Listen to their stories, learn from them as you can never know when and how this person might come into your life again in the future. Always practice gratitude, be happy for what you have, that you’re healthy, that you have a home, that the small things in life make the big picture. In the meantime, always strive to achieve your goals, both small and big. Celebrate these goals and reward yourself for a job well-done!
— Jasmine Kukko, 26, Finland, Master’s student/GYV social media manager
Discovering new countries and new places, meeting people with different cultures from all around the world, having the courage to try new, different food and learning different languages have all made me grow up incredibly as a person. I believe that people can’t know the last goal of their life, but step by step, experience after experience, they will get closer to understanding it. If it weren’t for all my adventures, then I would’ve not been the person I am today, nor would I have known who I want to become. This is why, for me, traveling and living abroad are synonymous with enrichment.
— Ambra Dentella, 23, Italy, Product designer/GYV design manager & contributor
We all want to succeed and improve but everything else in life seems to come in our way. We desire so many things but are not willing to work hard enough for them. I think we can be courageous, we can work hard and we can take more risks but none of these has meaning without planning and organization. We need to know what we want and what we’re doing before we start doing anything. Success, to me, is smart planning. I also believe millennials need to be generally more patient and consistent in their efforts. That’s one advice I learned from a wise baby boomer who guides dozens of millennials and works with them every day.
— Edy Semaan, 22, Lebanon, GYV co-founder & CE
First of all, we should allow ourselves to fail, as there is no success without failure and this not have to dampen our enthusiasm and ambitions. On the contrary, when a failure occurs, it is always better to think of it as a ‘stepping stone’ into the next success, channeling the negative feelings into action and moving on to the next thing. Personally, many Plan-Bs I adopted as an alternative to initial goals I had failed to achieve actually turned out to be great opportunities! Secondly, what I would suggest to other millennials is to save money whenever possible. We all know that the majority of great experiences we can do is not free; having some savings socked away may make it easier for us to take a decision when a great opportunity comes.
— Sara Livio, 24, Italy, Master’s student/GYV diverse news reporter