Millennials can help save the environment by winning this competition

Cover source: UN Environment/YouTube

Cover source: UN Environment/YouTube

On the occasion of International Mother Earth Day on April 24, the United Nations Environment Programme launched a global competition for environmental solutions created by young people. Every year, six millennials, one from every region of the world, will be named “Young Champions of the Earth.”

The winners are selected by a global jury, including U.N. Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim.

“When young people are given opportunities and support, they can be powerful catalysts for change,” Solheim said. “It is our hope that Young Champions of the Earth will inspire thousands of young people around the world to develop innovative ways to tackle the environmental issues that matter to them.”

Each champion receives $15,000 in funding, intensive training and tailored mentoring to help bring their idea to life. The application period opens on April 22 and closes on June 18.

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The Young Champions of the Earth initiative aims to identify prominent millennials who need support for their ideas to protect the environment. At the same time, it offers a global stage for young people to showcase their technological inventions and innovative business models that aim to improve the planet’s health, inspiring the next generation to take care of it.

As the world’s leading polymer company and a strong proponent of innovation for environmental sustainability, Covestro has been named the official sponsor of Young Champions of the Earth.

“Sustainable thinking and acting is critical in preserving our planet and improving the safety and quality of millions of people,” Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas said on April 24. “This is the basis of our vision ‘to make the world a brighter place,’ and ‘Young Champions’ invites the enthusiastic participation of all who care for our future.”

Learn more about Young Champions of the Earth here, and take a look at the U.N. competition launch video below.