Millennial Tips: 5 guaranteed ways to limit your social media addiction

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

Do you spend a large chunk of your day wandering aimlessly across an endless multi-app stream of overwhelmingly superfluous social media updates? And more importantly, has this kind of routine taken its toll on your productivity and personal life? It’s time to take action.

We’ve gathered a bunch of practical tips to help you overcome your social media addiction. You might want to give these a try, well, unless you plan to disconnect from civilization and retreat to some isolated island for ultimate solace.

1. Monitor yourself.

It all starts by determining the magnitude of the problem. Monitor the duration of your day-to-day social media browsing and implement limiting rules accordingly. There is no best bet here, your ideal target will eventually depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

2. Turn off your notifications.

There is no greater joy than that of decluttering your notification bar, inbox and ultimately, your life. Turn off your notifications. Unsubscribe from useless mailing lists. Hide annoying/irrelevant posts from your Facebook feed. Show no mercy.

3. Censor your content.

In addition to censoring social media content stemming from other people/publishers, you ought to throw in a great deal of self-censorship in there. Think before you post. Set higher standards for your cyber-persona. What added value does this piece of content bring to my online image? Does this post reflect my identity? Such self-questioning might sound silly at first but it’ll definitely save you an awful lot of ‘cleaning up’ on the long run.

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4. Pinpoint your purpose.

Some aimless browsing every now and then may very well ignite your creativity and/or knowledge but too much of it can only ruin your productivity. Limit purposeless browsing by setting a certain direction to your online activities. Define what you’re looking for in your head before you start scrolling and proceed accordingly.

5. Let go of immediacy constraints.

Do you need to reply to your pending emails and answer your new messages? Yes. Are you under an obligation to do so on an immediate basis? No. Do not interrupt the course of an important activity, be it professional or even personal, to respond to a non-urgent message or follow through on a certain notification. Do not let the instantness of social media overcome your personal freedom.

Scroll responsibly!