Instagram generation rejects accusations of wasting food

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

A new study led by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets blamed English millennials for the waste of food.

As many as 5,000 people were interviewed about their eating habits. The study found that millennials tend to have a greater desire to explore new food trends, thus creating a significant amount of waste, as they purchase exotic and unusual ingredients without knowing how to use them properly.

Despite these findings, the Instagram generation still had something to say about it. Cate Bell, a food blogger from Brighton, took the issue of food waste very seriously, so she actively encouraged her followers to use leftovers. “It makes me kind of angry to hear blaming millennials, because I think quite the opposite,” she said. “I feel personally that our generation is the most concerned about environmental issues.”

Another young food blogger, Niamh Shields, used her platform to teach her followers how to make the most out of their ingredients. “I always keep my leftovers,” Shields said. “They are really delicious and I always share what to do with them.”

Furthermore, Rachel Phipps, food blogger and author, believes that demonizing millennials and social media isn’t useful. According to her, the best solution might be to embrace the power of the platforms and let the bloggers positively influence the Instagram generation.