Millennials appear to be the main actors of global sustainable investing

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

Sustainable issues are getting increasing attention and millennials seem to be the main actors of current sustainable development, putting themselves on the leading edge of today’s thinking and dialogue.

Morgan Stanley, a global firm in investment banking, has recently announced: “While investing opportunities are perceived to cater to individuals with significant wealth… among millennials, the preference toward ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing is more prevalent.”

One aspect of Morgan Stanley’s report stands out. “Not only the 86 percent of surveyed millennials said they are interested in socially responsible investing, but they also are currently twice as likely to invest in a stock or a fund,” the report said.

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Millennials’ increasing attention to sustainable, responsible and impact investing may be creating opportunities for investors of all ages, according to the report. With the millennials population growing as the largest demographic in America — so much that by 2020, one in three U.S. adults will be a millennial — the increasing interest in “investing with impact” among them cannot be ignored.

As the director of Investing with Impact at Morgan Stanley, Lily Trager said that sustainable investing now encompasses a wide range of factors, from environmental impact to gender and diversity.