Nigerian Young Professionals Forum urges a greater recognition for youth

Cover credit: Pixabay

Cover credit: Pixabay

Representatives from the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) have called upon the African nation to honor young people and their contributions to society at large. At a dinner in March, which took place at the Al-Basha Palace in Maitama Abuja, several similar groups came together with many of them made up of younger individuals, to celebrate their excellence.

The event was led by Moses Siloko Siasia who called for a departure from the practice of honoring corrupt individuals in favor of recognizing those who have distinguished themselves in various endeavors. One guest honored at the event was Dr. Ahmed Adamu, the global chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council. Established in 2013, this organization (of which Nigeria is a member) represents more than 1.2 billion young people worldwide and the nation has made use of their membership to promote youth development.

Siasia went on to say: “As an organization, the Nigeria Young Professionals Forum looks at young men and women of great character because our society is so porous with wicked and selfish people. But for the young people who have distinguished themselves, we always celebrate them. As a body, the NYPF always celebrate excellence and it is our responsibility as young people to make a choice either to be victims and be defeated or be a victor and make history.”

In addition, organizations at the event called for national unity between all tribes and religions throughout the region. Moses said: “You can see someone from the South Southern part of the country and a Christian celebrating a Muslim from the North. That is what the country should be all about.” After receiving his recognition, Dr. Adamu implored young people to aim for excellence in any field they take on, a move sure to resonate with them in the future.