Millennial tips: How to best deal with failure

From juggling financial difficulties to being subjected to a rather rigid set of stereotypical accusations, millennials often struggle to lead balanced, healthy lives and may very well find themselves brought down repeatedly by external circumstances that either hinder them from achieving their goals or culminate in a way to blur their long-term vision of these goals.

To help tackle certain facets of this issue, we’ve put together a compilation of self-growth hacks aimed at accepting, dealing with and most importantly overcoming failure.

Blaming your failure on past mistakes, personal tragedies or circumstances is not only an outdated excuse but also a self-destructive one. Redirect your efforts towards making peace with your past self and whatever bundle of glitches it might’ve carried in order to be able to focus on bettering your present self and honing its rough edges.

Instead of finding motivation solely in external rewards that are essentially material in nature, train yourself to derive self-satisfaction from intrinsic rewards such as finding a meaningful purpose for your work or effort as well as meaningful ways of fulfilling this purpose or simply keeping track of your progress throughout time.

You’ve most probably heard this piece of advice before but this doesn’t make it any less relevant in the context of dealing with failure. Falling back on your way to something, although heart-achingly difficult at first, often ends up boosting your drive to resume your endeavor and prove yourself in the process.

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While failure is sometimes directly linked to personal choices and actions, it is simply the fruit of intertwined branches of unfortunate circumstances at other times. Be careful with self-blame, yet don’t develop a general vision of yourself as a passive victim of circumstances. You need to let go in order to restore balance to your inner self.

You can spend an entire lifetime taking shots at the same goal or dream and this is definitely not a waste of a life but rather a journey of growth, experimentation and development, regardless of whether you ultimately succeed or not. Look at the path and pinpoint relevant milestones instead of blindly following the destination.

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