Top 7 mobile apps used by millennial entrepreneurs to get ahead

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

According to a survey provided by Forbes in July 2016, here are the top seven mobile applications millennials with entrepreneurial skills are using to get ahead.

Evernote: Note-taking app

Evernote is a note-taking tool that helps workers keep track of everything in their busy life and stay productive at all times. It can be used to generate to-do lists and create spoken reminders as well.

Slack: Messaging for teams

Slack facilitates day-to-day communication within teams, including file sharing and setting up daily reminders. One of the best aspects of this communication app is that it allows users to easily integrate other apps useful for work, and view everything in one management dashboard, so It is possible to monitor and make progress on the go.

Freedom: Block out distractions

This app lets you bucket services and then choose to block those services on your phone and computer for periods of 25 minutes at a time so that you can be more productive. It is possible to have buckets for both social networks, email, and news apps (such as Hacker News and CNN).

Boomerang: Email organizer

By reminding you whenever you forget to reply to your emails, Boomerang allows you to keep the chaos of your Gmail inbox organized. You no longer have to think about following up on unanswered emails or worrying that something important will be forgotten.

Instapaper: Content saver/syncer

It is a simple and useful tool for saving web pages to read later on your mobile or computer, without wifi. The app allows you to read long-form stories or industry news that can be added anywhere and anytime.

Postmates: On-demand delivery app

When there is no time to cook, you can use this on-demand delivery of food, groceries, and more.

Hotel Tonight: Last-minute hotel deals

It allows to stay in quality establishments at a discounted price, turning stressful travel changes into enjoyable experiences.