In design and decor, millennials choose sustainability

Editor’s note: This piece is on millennials and sustainability. For more information on the topic, check out our special project with RadiciGroup for stories on sustainable youth initiatives around the world.

Cover source: Pexels

Cover source: Pexels

People between 18 to 36 years old are informed customers, sensitive to environmental and social sustainability issues. Italian company Pambianco showed this in its market research report, “Revolution in design industry,” presented at its second design conference.

“They are heterogeneous, more dynamic and accelerated than previous generation,” said David Pambianco, the vice-president of the business strategy company. “They are also more conscious of world’s changes and so they recognize the importance of sustainability and of Smarthome technology innovation.”

The research highlighted social factors that designers take into consideration to satisfy millennials’ expectations. Laura Angius, co-founder of “LOVEThESIGN,” an online decor portal, said that companies have to update the way they speak with young people about design and decor.

New means of communication are key, since millennials inform themselves using the web and social media before making a purchase. Millennials also like functionality with style.

They bring a new philosophy of living, based on essentiality and functional aesthetic without forgetting sustainability and paying attention to the environmental and the ethical costs of enterprise.

But the structure of shops also has to change: the report showed that traditional showrooms and their way of exhibiting products no longer correspond to millennials’ needs. They aren’t welcoming places for young people, and need more attractive exhibition models, not only in terms of different decor style, but also millennials’ new life philosophy. These places have to be created, in a market that evolves rapidly but with a fixed point: sustainability.