Weekly Trends Roundup: New iPhone, commemoration, nuclear test, controversy and beauty queen

Join us as we go over the trending stories and news highlights that have taken the internet by storm over the past week.



Apple unveiled its highly awaited iPhone 7 during a special event on Sept. 7, which eventually went on to top every other trend on social media for the next 24 hours. The most discussed iPhone 7 features under the #AppleEvent hashtag included the new wireless headphones or AirPods, which inspired an awful lot of jokes among Twitter users, and the double camera, which basically allows you to choose between two different focal lengths when taking a picture.




The world commemorated the 9/11 attacks on Sunday (which marks 15 years since al-Qaeda’s four coordinated terrorist attacks struck the U.S.) by tweeting memories from the day of the attacks and sharing their ongoing support to the victims’ families under the hashtag #NeverForget.




North Korea stole the spotlight earlier this week after reportedly carrying out its biggest nuclear test to date on Friday night, leaving world leaders on the edge. The test sparked a widely disapproving response from the international community and ultimately resulted in an emergency meeting for the U.N. Security Council whose members have agreed to begin drafting new sanctions against North Korea. And while the yield of the explosive was estimated at 10 kilotonnes by the country’s military, experts are suggesting that the yield is rather close to 20 kilotonnes, bigger than Hiroshima, based on initial indications.




U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters would fit into a “basket of deplorables” (which she went on to define as the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic) at a New York City fundraiser Friday, stirring a full-fledged social media uproar among her opponent’s supporters who took to Twitter to fight back and voice their indignation under the hashtag #BasketOfDeplorables.




Rachele Risaliti, 21, was crowned Miss Italia 2016 on Saturday night but that’s not exactly the story here. Twitter users seemed to notice a weird resemblance between the pageant winner and Antonio Conte, the manager of English football club Chelsea, which was instantly picked up by the online community and even turned into a meme.