6 items you'll regret packing to a vacation

Going on a vacation is a lot of fun but packing for it is not amusing at all. Most of the times we end up packing unnecessary things that we would never use.

To help you avoid making this mistake again, we've provided you with the six items you should never pack.

1. Hand-cover books

While you might want to read a book when relaxing on the beach, the hardcover book will take up baggage space. So just download the kindle version of the book or go for lightweight paperbacks.

2. Anything irreplaceable

Taking expensive jewelry on a vacation isn't a good idea no matter how much you love them. But if you must get one item, at least pack it in your carry on.

3. Workout clothes

Although we’d like to be ambitious and pretend we will workout during our vacation, the truth is we probably won’t. The only workout clothes you need would probably be for hiking.

4. Medicine cabinet

The only medications you need to pack are your essential prescriptions along with a small of ibuprofen or aspirin. Don’t worry, you can go to a drugstore if need be.

5. More than two bathing suits

All you need is two: one to wear while the other dries. So don’t bother and pack more, you’d be wasting space.

6. Formal outfits

Unless you've already planned the formal event, you’ll probably be wearing comfy clothes throughout your vacation. Pack one outfit just in case, but other than that you’re good to go.

The next time you’re off to a vacation keep these points in mind, maybe you’ll end up packing one suitcase instead of two!

Cover credit: Big Think